Reporting for users of the Reiseanalyse

For partners and customers, the results of the Reiseanalyse are available in many different forms:

RA standard question programme
The results of the standard question programme are documented in a report volume and a method volume, with explanations and interpretatios. An exhausting report (approx. 100 pages) analayzing main results of the survey is also included. Partners and customers of the Reiseanalyse will get those results in a printed and a digital version. All results of the standard question programme of the Reiseanalyse, including the report, are available in English language. Individual tabulations, an annual exclusive evaluation seminar for our partners and the right for additional analyses are also included.

RA modules
For subscribers to one of the modules of the RA, a separate tabulation and report volume is available which analyses and integrates the results of the module questions and the relevant questions from the standard question programme.

RA exclusive questions
The results of any exclusive questions are also documented in a tabulation volume. The details will be agreed upon individually with each subscriber.

Right to individual analyses
Included in the subscription to the standard programme is the right to obtain individual analyses. These can be used to produce individual tabulations on specific target groups or market segments from the question programme of the Reiseanalyse. A fee for the compilation of these tabulations may be required.

Electronic data sets
The data of the Reiseanalyse is also available in an electronic format. The required format can be agreed upon individually, usually the data set is supplied in SPSS format for Windows. With this data set and the corresponding qualifications, own in-depth analyses can be made. The analysis software is not part of the delivery. 

A comfortable alternative for using an electronic data set is the analysis software CNTlight with Reiseanalyse data sets for every year. Even without expert knowledge, this software is easy to use and allows the user to produce own tabulations, to form own target groups and to count results and print them. CNTlight is capable to create time series based on the Reiseanalyse data of the last 15 years.

Individual reports and presentations

If you should need any further analysis or interpretation of your results, the team of the FUR will be more than happy to help you. Our support ranges from help with the data analysis to the complete reporting for subscribers in the form of e.g. written reports or presentations. 

Reiseanalyse Newsletter

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